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Intangibles and Caprice Can Confound Market Value

August 4th, 2015

The impact of buyer or seller “caprice” in real estate transactions can confound the appraisal process in interesting ways. The presence of additional “intangibles” that are distinguished from realty or personal property, furnishings, fixtures or equipment can add another layer of confusion as to what is really being traded in the market and the value […]

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Highest and Best Use In Evolving Neighborhoods

July 2nd, 2015

Gratifying results of growing consumer confidence and an improving economy are their powerful impact on the imagination of our confident real estate industry risk takers- the developers. Add tough locations with historical baggage and questionable availability of financing, and the momentum of a good idea can be hard to sustain for most. But, the intuitive […]

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GIS Tools Give Life to Real Estate

March 1st, 2014

We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  The same is true of GIS mapping results. So what is it? To paraphrase an Appraisal Institute publication, “geographical information systems enable the user to capture, store, analyze, and visualize real property information data points of interest in a map or geospatial context”. The […]

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What Type of Value Do You Think You Need?

December 5th, 2012

The type of value that forms an appraisal objective can be vague and ambiguous to many clients and appraisers. For example, an appraiser’s eager, fictitious client says he has a “simple” appraisal request involving a restaurant he wants to add to his existing hotel on unused land where contamination has been successfully mitigated. He already […]

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Valuation of Assets With Real Estate, FF&E and Business

April 6th, 2012

Just what is the business component of an asset with real estate really worth? Some examples of properties that pose these valuation challenges are lodging facilities; restaurants; shopping malls; fitness clubs or other business enterprises with realty. Real estate appraisal and accounting methods are merging in this specialty that includes assets more complex than intuitively apparent.

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Reviewing Appraisals—Art and Science

February 1st, 2012

To those occasionally dependent on appraisals, “mystifying” sometimes describes the process. Whether appraisals are the product of tried and true academic methods or some vague art form has long been debated in real estate venues. The simple answer to this cliché is that it is both. The same is true of the appraisal review function, which has grown in importance in this “sea changed” economy. Appraising complex assets with meager transaction data in a persistently challenging real estate market has raised the bar for “appraisers” and “review appraisers” in the provision of reliable valuation services.

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Contamination- Valuing Detrimental Conditions

January 15th, 2000

During recent years, the public has become increasingly aware of the extent of detrimental conditions that surround us, particularly contamination. As a result, much has been written about the labyrinthine issues involved in valuing their impact on real estate. For in depth presentations of the theoretical aspects, refer to various excellent articles in the Appraisal […]

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